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Nick Shulhin

Nick Shulhin

I'm a Software Engineer @ OnlinePajak

As of 2020 on daily basis I fight with legacy code, build amazing Kotlin APIs and render supreme React Web Applications.

Graduated from University of Technology, Sydney with a bachelor of Science in Information Technology, I got heavily infected by Software Development. Having mobile development as an area of passion I was a part of the first group of students to participate in undergraduate projects in collaboration with Commonwealth Bank, Australia. We had a chance to work with senior engineers to create projects which could inspire future products. I was able to secure first place for Android project, and then second - for iOS next year.

Straight after graduation in 2017 I started to work in a truly amazing company called OCTO Technology (Australian subsidiary of French consultancy company) as a Software Engineer/Consultant. We had an incredible time and I've been working on numerous projects with various tech stacks:

2017: 2018: 2019:

Unfortunately some good stories have the end, and as a result of OCTO Technology being acquired by Accenture new regime has been established in 2019 which made some of us very hard to comply with a new corporate structure and rules. In 2019 I left OCTO. As many of us.

However when some good stories come to the end, even better beginnings emerge. In the end on 2019 I joined an Indonesian start-up called OnlinePajak, which specialises on tools for easier tax processing in Indonesia and Singapore. I knew a lot of people who joined the team, so it felt like a very smooth transition. So, what am I doing now?


And yes, 2020 started with a spread of COVID-19 which means everyone is working from home and completely locked internationally.

I love to present, we do it a lot internally. Unfortunately not every time video is available. Some external talks:

Sometimes I publish to YouTube on various topics:

Even more often I write about technology. for instance:

I also can't live without personal projects. Recent finished projects:

If you are interested in anything: