4+ years without Facebook

Best decision. Ever.

I'm still wondering why people use Facebook and other social media. Seriously. I get the idea of being connected to a close circle of people, but it is definitely not the ideology of the platform. Facebook is full of fake and egocentricity, impostor syndrome, jealousy and misery. Swiping the timeline on a train, seeing your connections fancy vocations, cars, yachts etc. It is a life on a show. Somehow nobody wants to publish their failures and bad moments, if it is a new post - impress and beyond (even if it is not true).

When I had a Facebook account, my "friends" counter was close to 400. About 80% of these people had a like per week interaction, no more no less. And when suddenly I removed my account - only 10-15 people reconnected via phone, everyone else was naturally filtered out, worked like a charm. There is a good saying: when somebody really wants to find you - they will find you.

Don't try to compare yourself to others, just concentrate more on crafting your own positive uniqueness 🙂