New Year 2019 has been projected to be celebrated in Sydney, or at least somewhere in Australia. But no! I decided to experience Indonesian "God's island", and TLDR: it has been a great decision 😎


First thing which greeted after the landing was EXTREME humidity... 80%+ made me sweating like a waterfall within first couple of minutes!

Hundreds of taxi drivers are following you around to offer a cheap ride, however the best option is to refer to an authorised provider or hotel transfer itself.

The hotel I stayed in was Anvaya Beach resort, which was honestly one of the best experiences in years: friendly staff, great atmosphere and numerous entertainments.

The places I've visited:

  1. Monkey Forest
  2. Batur Volcano
  3. Coffee plantations
  4. Rice fields
  5. Kuta
  6. Ubud
Ubud temples

Bali is indeed an amazing place for cultural inspiration. Temples, jungles and unbelievable masonry literally wows every single time. It feels like you are becoming an Indiana Jones searching for treasures and mysterious artefacts.

Monkey Forest

Wildlife is also mesmerising. Monkeys, various kinds of birds and flora keep environment fresh, wild and alive.

Hidden jungle temples

I've been living in Australia for more than a half of decade, which means there is not much in beach life which can impress me :) But still: palm trees, Indian Ocean and coral sand gave a very good impression. Unfortunately sand was quite dirty and full of rubbish and marine waste.

Kuta beach

My quick update for Bali! 🗺