Apple does things right.

I've been an avid Apple user since +/- 2010. The first time I got a used iBook G3 - it has been a time I realised how beautiful interface can be and what does it mean to create a machine pleasant to use every day. Then my first generation iPad which completely blew my mind at the concept of tablet with brilliant iOS, and finally my first iPhone 4.

I've tried to switch from Apple devices many times and always came back.

From iPhone to Android experience was a bit mixed: firstly it was a breath of fresh air due to how much customisation can I do with my device, which ended up with frustration related to the number of vulnerabilities exposed by Android OS. It's been quite simple to create an app which would record everything in background and even use a camera without user noticing it, which is scary. Thankfully now they've patched a lot of things.

From Mac to Linux was similar experience. I absolutely love Linux, but mostly for development purposes. The main fact is how well the whole Apple ecosystem plays well together. iCloud-powered shared copy-paste buffer which allows to copy on iPhone and paste on Mac. AirDrop which allows easy and super fast file exchange. iMessages, FaceTime etc. For me it is definitely worth it, and I'm very unlikely to move long term from Apple device.