@OCTO we have a tradition to have a gateway event every month, which is called COCTOZ! Every time we are getting new experiences, starting from karaoke and finishing to crazy limousine rides!

Today, our destination was an art venue called Cork&Canvas. As a name self-explains, guests are encouraged to draw some paintings while sipping a good wine (Evian water in my case). Honestly, it has been a great experience!

We started from the guided tutorial on how to draw a humming bird on colorful background using oil paint. Well, last time I took a brush was back in my sixth grade, therefore didn't expect to showcase majestic skills. However, once I finished a background, something kicked in, and instead of the humming bird, my canvas received a giant cockatoo with "YOLO" sign and stars around. Even though tutor encouraged us to follow the tutorial, we found our own original way!

Painting involves much attention to details, creativity and patience. It feel like you are trying to print something on canvas from your head! Definitely not an easy task to do, however impressions are great once you finish your masterpiece!