I was about to buy another tour for tomorrow around the island, while decided to have a chat with a travel operator. She was a very nice Fijian lady who answered all of my questions as well as advised some good places to go 😊

It appeared that Fiji has been under Brits until 1972 (?). And heritage of that ruling is visible everywhere: from the Great Pacific hotel in Suva to Elizabeth portrait on coins.

I've been told that Europeans brought a lot to Fiji, including money, technology and knowledge. Before actual money, there was a barter, which means people exchanged goods instead of using a cash.

From another chat I got to know about economic situation in this Pacific country: Fiji economy is based on tourism and sugar cane production. Government advised majority of Fijians to work in tourism, since there are a lot of visitors from Asia-Pacific region.

Funny fact: right now (9-th of August) it is a winter in Fiji. I've been told that it is a best time to be around, since in summer humidity is really bad. It literally makes it is impossible to go outside.

Most favourite drink in Fiji is called Kava. Kava is a root of plant, which is made into a dust and mixed in a cold water. Locals say that it relaxes a body and makes a tongue numb in the beginning. It is used as a medicine and anti-anxiety solution! I will try one tomorrow!