This Saturday me, @William his blog and @Kevin went to Cockatoo Island to seek for adventures. Even though it has been pretty cold (temperature in Sydney was close to 17 degrees), overall experience was great. For those who are not familiar, Cockatoo Island was a prison in the late 18 century and now it is a heritage area with fascinating buildings and landscapes.


When you are arriving on the island via ferry, the first thing you see is a huge hill with buildings in a post-apocalyptic style. Rusty iron parts and details are placed everywhere while half-destroyed walls emit some ghostly vibes! Both scary and exciting to see remains of past colonies, factories and places where convicts spent their lives.


Funny to note, but there are actually there are no Cockatoos on this island. Best you can see are numerous seagulls, and lorikeets.

Unfortunately we were not able to launch the drone @William brought (brand new DJI Mavic Air) since area around the island is forbidden for drone flights on hight a altitude.


Overall, it has been a great pleasure to visit a heritage place full of fascinating structures and views. Looking forward to go there couple of times!