It's been a while my mind has been wandering about a question: does what I do every day make any sense? Something I'm spending five days a week from nine o'clock to six? Something I'm getting concerned/worried about? Deadlines, sprints, stand-ups and plannings? But prior to making a main conclusion, it is worth to have a deeper insight into this question. Why do we work?

In early ages, a term "work" had a different meaning. People had to grow crops, collect fruits/berries and breed a cattle. Work had a straight context meaning value and direct impact on society. It was very simple: you get exactly what you worked for. Nothing less, nothing more.

However, in our society a term "job" often means a routine, forcing people to obediently dwell in a miserable dark cubicals from nine to five, and leave the office with prayers of finished day. Some people strive for it. Some - disrupt it.

There are two types of chicken: caged and free-range. Caged chicken is happy about its environment. It doesn't want to risk and has no understanding of what a life can represent outside of a steel bars. Consistent food and minimum space is entirely enough for this type of animal. And it is hard to blame this approach, since stability can represent a better value over spontaneous decisions and no guarantee for a bright future. However there is no option for a massive upgrades and feeling of risk. Something that is common for a free-range chicken. This chicken wants to know a bigger picture. It wants to see a sunrise and a sunset. Face a storm and a sunny weather. Has a desire to move and not afraid of perceiving a world. Even if this world is also drastically limited. But bigger.

Coming back to your big corporate life. You are thinking about your task. Something you should do as a part of your job. You are worried about since deadline is soon. It can be a new feature, report or even a presentation. In reality, what you are doing doesn't mean anything with a guarantee of 99%. In short, you are enslaved for a fraction of cost of what you are bringing to the company. And what do you bring to the company? You are making rich people more rich. It doesn't treat a cancer, it doesn't help those in need or cleans an ocean from plastic waste. You may say your work is improving customer experience. Or it brings better performance. But it doesn't matter. Since destination purpose is always the same.

Not everyone is creator, and not everyone should question a sense of doing some work. Majority of people do their work because of the money, but not because of the value. Big organisations created a perfect incubator for useless people being able to survive on average wage doing practically nothing. It created a world where society is inside caged chicken inception - without any concerns about the value delivery.

We also live in a world of radical consumerism. Moreover, our needs are proportional to the outcome of that daily nine-to-five routine. Let's imagine a typical Joe. Joe is earning $1,500 a month after tax. He knows that his income is not high, however is better than being unemployed. Joe understands his situation, but still allows himself to buy a latest model of a phone and some fashion apparel. With a help of credit card of course. He is in debt, and will repay his desires by monthly instalments. Which doesn't scare Joe even a little bit, since he is already brainwashed by advertisement and social media impact. If we increase a salary of Joe by 100%, he will be still in debt - this time buying a financed car and more expensive apparel. Which means Joe is working for a shallow, temporary feeling of happiness brought by consumerism impact.

There is no need to fight. But there is always a choice. Leave a comfort zone for undefined outcome, or forever be fed and systemised. And always remember that we represent our own life choices.