This month as a holiday destination I chose Fiji. It's been a while I wanted to visit this island country, and finally this moment has come 😁


Four hours from Sydney, and my first impression: it is amazing from the plane, all of the reefs and turquoise water literally wants you to deep dive from the day one.

P.S. On our plane one of the passengers fainted and literally collapsed in the passage. Hopefully we had a doctor, since there was nothing much to do in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 😰

Haven't slept much, therefore look tired

In the Nadi airport I've been greeted with a traditional music, which was awesome. Felt like Hawaii (even though never been there).


I decided to skip a taxi and like every islander use a bus. Funny enough, on Fiji Vodafone also supplies Opal-like plastic cards which you can top up to use a transport.

By the way, bus is a 20+ years old vehicle without windows and loud music. If you want to stop - literally pull a string on top to ring a bell to the driver 😂

Nadi airport

Prices are alright, however I found it difficult to find a decent food forgot some reason. Local markets have some fruits and there is always a fast-food chain near the hotel, however I'd prefer more traditional extravaganza 😁😁 😁

Italian linguini

Tomorrow I plan to visit a famous 9 cloud party boat on the reefs, will post my impression!