How to buy native REEF Finance token in 2021

Reef Finance is a very promising Substrate Project within Polkadot Ecosystem which already has some interoperability with Ethereum EVM - yes, you can upload smart contracts and execute them for Reef. However buying actual native Reef will require some tweaking...

  1. You can't just buy native Reef token. You can purchase BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) or ERC20 (Ethereum) version of Reef first. I would strongly recommend to go with Binance version because of super low gas fees comparing to Ethereum. There are plenty places to buy BEP20 Reef.
  2. In order to operate (send/convert) BEP20 Reef tokens you need BNB which powers Binance transactions. For gas purposes you need as little as $10-20.
  3. Klever wallet is the easiest solution to convert BEP20 Reef to native Reef token. Create account and send BEP20 Reef as well as a bit of BNB for transactions.
  4. Create native Substrate Reef account using PolkadotJS to receive the token. You can figure out things by starting from here.
  5. Input destination native Reef wallet address (which you created on step 4) and submit transaction.
  6. Voila!

Now you can... Well, for now stake Reef (even though not many validators plus their commission is HUGE - those which take less than 50% are over-stacked) and use it for transactions on deployed smart contracts.

Good luck on your Reefdventures