I moved to another company [booya]

I started my career @ OCTO, and can't say more how lucky I am to kickstart my Software Engineering journey in such a great environment. These people gave me the most valuable base which helped to become a crazy Swiss Knife of developer I am [humble, right].

It has been over three years of my career when our amazing company [Australian branch] stopped existing because of... some reasons [acquisition sometimes sucks]. Something we couldn't influence much. We had a choice to accept new standards [which were not compatible with our view] or jump from the sinking ship and start somewhere fresh. Majority of use selected Β the second one [those who didn't - simply didn't have opportunity or for another reasons. Miss everyone]. And by a magic want it happened to get on board of a completely new adventure. Hooray.

So, now I am a Software Engineer [full-stack developer in my contract, but I hate it] on product based project. That's right, not a consultant anymore. You know what's the difference between a consultant and product based, right? No? Okay.

Basically, as a consultant you are given long/short term projects from weeks to maximum a year on premises of your client where you work with other consultants/employees to deliver particular project. Well, you basically do your stuff without almost any attachment to it, since most of the time things miserably fail [experience]. Kaboomcha!

So now you know, right.

But now we work together in same but different environment, which is super cool. The company name? It is OnlinePajak - Indonesian start-up which has a tax solutions as a core product. I have a chance to work on everything from front-end, back-end, dev-ops... Everything. And it is really cool considering our small but unbelievably powerful Sydney team. Honestly, we are so cool here that our Jira board cannot cope with our progress [not a joke].

Amazing team, amazing people. Wrapapa-boom!

If you have any questions or want to know more [we are hiring in Sydney/Jakarta/Singapore] - drop me a message on LinkedIn.


Nick Shulhin

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