This has been an unexpected move, trust me. I've been an avid iPhone user for a couple of years, however always missed my Android experience...

Samsung Galaxy Note was my choice for a good five years. Big screen, massive battery and sufficient power. First model was Galaxy Note 2, then 5. And after I jumped to an iPhone.

This time I wanted to be conservative: to get a good, powerful Android phone with a A$250 budget. Crazy? Sure, most of the flagship phones in a market are starting at A$1,000. I chose this budget not because I can't afford more expensive phone, but because consider it crazy to spend a thousand of dollars for this kind of tool.

So, what I was looking in a phone for this unbelievable price:

  1. Amazing battery: iPhone battery was great, and I would love to expect the same for an Android too.
  2. Big and more/less sharp screen, preferably 5.5+ inches.
  3. Decent processor and RAM - is a key, since I also want to run my personal projects on this device.

Considering the fact that closest thing was Moto E5 with 2Gb of RAM - I was a little bit stuck... until I found this: https://www.asus.com/Phone/ZenFone-Max-Pro-M1/

Camera has never been a priority for me, so having so much power and battery life in a product from ASUS for this price - was really amazing.

It's been some time - and my feedback is great so far!