Today at 12:00 Pacific Time I've been picked up from the hotel and dropped to a Denarau Port.


After an hour walking around the bay, glancing at the Hard Rock Cafe and other restaurants, we boarded a passenger vessel and headed to the reef.

On a way

In 39 minutes water became absolutely turquoise and crystal clear 😍 That's when a first sight of the Cloud 9 boat was visible from horizon.

Cloud 9

Pizza, wine, party. Repeat. Amazing water, unbelievable snorkeling and relaxed music. That was a heaven on Earth (ocean). Too bad I was alone, however still enjoyed my stay to the fullest.


Prices are average: tour by itself was F$290, including F$60 food pass. Pizza price was F$28 on average, and really - it was amazing pizza 🍕. Thin crust and lightweight base - worth every cent.

Marine life from above

Number of fish is staggering. All sorts, including giant needle fish and tons of smaller species. There was an unbelievable school of fish under the boat (I took pictures underwater, will publish after).


Overall I enjoyed, and recommend everyone to visit if you ever have a chance!

Oh yes