I tried a lot of martial arts in my early ages: karate, aikido, kick-boxing(not a martial art, but still) even a little bit of capoeira. But it never actually stuck for a long time. Then I moved permanently to Australia, university, job, projects - and never had a real chance to fill the void.

And suddenly some time ago my friend and colleague introduced me to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. First impression was - woah, that martial art looks quite different from what I tried before - no punches, smooth execution and great accent on submission and finally - choke. Self defence is also a part of a course, showing how to protect agains attacks in street fights and overall real life. And it definitely kicked me in, as the first thing that really filled a void in physical lifestyle.

Corporate work is often related to stress, pressure and sometimes even depressions. However when you have an opportunity to wrestle every evening with like-minded people and practice new moves/defence strategies - life gets better and better every time. I'll be honest - none of gym or other sport activities relieved anxiety or bad mood as good as Jiu Jitsu, that's unbelievable!

Another thing I love about this martial art, is that it gives you a confidence and stability with a time. Not in sense that you can defeat anyone in a street fight or competition, but in more spiritual way. Moves, strategy, thinking - it is all combined together. You are simply getting more calm and relaxed in real life - something I was looking for a long time to tame my crazy energy ahah.

I'm very thankful to a person who introduced me to this, and I'll continue practicing it in wherever country I'll be the next in my life.

P.S. I'm still being choked in beginners class :P