Ledger, please fix DOT - >3 days and 0 patch ETA

"Cannot convert metadata from version 14 to 13"

It has been over 3 days since Polkadot is inaccessible on Ledger Live. You can't transfer and basically do anything with your wallet. Sure, you can use PolkadotJS Chrome extension to make a transfer outside of the ledger, however if you derived another account from the same private key - what to do in this case? PolkadotJS doesn't support derivation path which is an index prefixed to your private key to create multiple wallets from one secret. It simply means you are locked from these accounts until Ledger fixes an issue.

Would be awesome to get at least some kind of update on the fix progress, since a bug which lasts over 3 days can be really frustrating for users without any idea what's the problem.