UPDATE: I put LunchPal down due to upgrades. Will update once it is back and running!

I started this personal project a couple of months ago, however was not able to finish a prototype due to high workload. And finally, I can officially declare that LunchPal 1.0 is released! Go and check it out: LunchPal 1.0.

Just to remind about the project:

LunchPal represents a minimalistic utility Web Application dedicated to help people find a buddy for a lunch. Application has very simple user interface with map, list of lunches and option to add a lunch. If you find a lunch which interests you, it is possible to join it. For convenience Google Calendar option is added (version 1.0).

I was always struggling having a lunch alone, and looking at people - majority were stuck with their phones, and were highly unsocial. My recent interest in Progressive Web Apps and VueJS pushed to try all these technologies in a simple, but useful project. That's how I decided to combine learning with some interesting deliverable!

LunchPal is powered by VueJS, which means you can add this application to Home Screen on iOS or Android, and it will look like a native application!

So, what's inside of version 1.0 beta?

Ability to create account/login:


LunchPal provides opportunity to create a simple account using traditional way of email && password chain. In the next version, it is planned to add login via social media platforms such as Facebook and Google.


On a current stage, even email confirmation message is skipped. I will probably consider Firebase Authentication in future.

Dashboard with lunches:


Once you successfully logged-in, LunchPal redirects you to the Dashboard panel, which represents a Google Map with all lunches as pins. You can simply look up by address, or tap on any of lunches to join or read a basic information.

Check your joined and created lunches:

Another tab in bottom navigation bar gives an access to your created and joined lunches. You can easily browse and delete entries, as well as get an access to location and description!


Create a lunch:

Last, but not the least!

Create lunch functionality allows user to create an entry with location and description. It will be automatically pinned to map once created!


And lastly...

LunchPal is a Progressive Web Application, which will guarantee smooth mobile experience and interaction :)

There are many things I would like to improve in this application, so in the next version I will try to add following improvements:

  • Social media login
  • Messaging/chat with lunch pals
  • Notifications
  • Email/Mobile verification

Stay tuned for the next version! I will send an email to all registered accounts once a new update will be available :)