My love for wearable tech doesn't have limits:

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Gear One the month it has been launched, had a desire to buy Google Glass (RIP consumer version) and even considered a purchase of Muse (brain activity scanner).

But my watch selection for 2018 has been finalized with FitBit Blaze. And I had no regrets:

  • Amazing battery life
  • Great connectivity
  • Precision of step counts
  • Case design and changeable straps
  • Water-resistant...

...and the last assumption killed my Blaze.

During a beautiful trip with OCTO to Whitsundays Island I had a chance to dive near the reef with FitBit on my wrist.

IP67 water resistance of Blaze didn't handle even 1 meter of depth - FitBit started to vibrate randomly with deemed screen, got hot and eventually shut itself down.

Charging didn't help, but almost led to a fire 🔥

I decided to take it apart! Well, so what's inside?

After unscrewing of couple of tiny-tiny bolts, the only thing I spotted was connector corrosion.

Surprisingly, but FitBit managed to last so long with 167mAh batter - just amazing.

What's the moral of a story?

Don't try "water-resistance"