Continuing a first part of My tech series, this post will list another set of devices which I use every day 📺

1. Kindle Touch 2016

I love reading. There is nothing better to get hands on some amateur detective story, or sharpen technical skills with programming guide. Having used many e-books in the past, Kindle Touch is my best choice! Superb battery, inc display, touch responsiveness, connectivity and most importantly - it doesn't have unnecessary functionality. This is a book. Smart, elegant and effective. By the way, did I mention that you can get one for less than A$90? 💵

2. Play Station 4 500GB

Games. Mmm. Who doesn't like to play? I do! My PlayStation journey started with Play Station Portable (PSP) back in 2008, and I fell in love with this brand. In my current setup I have a first generation PS4 with 500GB and two controllers. I play couple of times a week, and it always brings me a pleasure to use this system. PS4 has amazing graphics, while controllers last for ages with their battery life. Games can be quite expensive, but I prefer to get a used one from shops (EBGames or JBHiFi) for less than A$10. Play Station doesn't disappoint here! 🎮

3. Google Home Mini

My life is super busy. I need to manage many things in the same time, which is a reason I may forget/poorly manage my tasks and activities throughout the day. Google Home became my best buy decision in the last couple of months. It is a small speaker which is placed on your desk and enables the magic of Google Assistant. I set up alarms, night music, Spotify, calendar and even current location of international Space Station - everything with a single command and "Okay, Google". Considering the fact I live alone, it is also a great companion when I need a quick chat. If things are really bored down, a quick trivia game can cheer the situation. And again, the price is only A$49! 💵

4. XiaoMi M365 Black edition

Well, you probably have seen a post below that currently it is under the fix, but I really love this scooter! Since most of the time I have to commute in the city, having a handy personal transport was always a good idea. Moderately lightweight (for some people may be quite heavy, to be honest), very good battery and extremely attractive design make it a perfect decision. My Black edition had two spare wheels in a set. You can also control/lock it via Bluetooth and MI application. XiaoMi is one of my favourite companies which make amazing products with affordable price tags. My M365 cost me $690 when it launched, but it is definitely worth it ⭐️

5. Unlimited Ears BOOM 2 speaker

In 2017 I was a winner of Commonwealth Bank Innovation project and one of the presents was UE BOOM 2 speaker. I was always sceptical about speakers, but UE BOOM 2 is THE BEST SPEAKER I'VE EVER HAD. If you are looking for an ultra loud, high-quality, waterproof, long-living Bluetooth + AUX sound box with unbelievable battery life - don't go further. You can listen music in a shower, car, street, gym - anywhere. This premium speaker has everything which required for a good party. UE has a bigger model MEGABOOM, which I would like to try pout.

These are my another 5 devices I use every day! Stay tuned for another updates! ⚡️