A week ago I took my XiaoMi scooter for another ride to a grocery store, while started to observe something strange => every bump on the road was so easy to feel that I had to stop. Eventually, I found out that my rear wheel was completely flat 😱

Coming back home I easily disassembled the wheel using a couple of allan keys - and voila!

After a short examination it appeared to be that inner construction of the tyre made a hole inside, lowering a pressure. Was very surprised to see a such a horrible engineering failure considering that my scooter was not even used every day.

Luckily, my Black version had a set of two extra tyres, which saved me much time and money.

It took me a while to remove a tyre from the wheel itself (thanks to numerous YouTube tutorials from users), but the problem appeared that i was not able to put a new one instead 🔥

YouTube tutorials are saviours 🎉

Couple of suggestions instructed to put a tyre into a microwave, but... mmm... no.

Will try to visit a bike shop or figure out how to place a new one 🤔