It has been over two weeks since the fire in NSW area is really getting disastrous.

At first it felt like some light smoke in Sydney. My reaction was: come on, guys, it is nothing. I've seen worse things in Europe.

But suddenly (10th of December 2019) things really went out of control. The picture you see above has been captured when I was travelling to Alexandria via Central. As you can see - the smoke is so bad it is hardly possible to see any building in a long distance.

Thankfully I was lucky enough to snap a P2.0 mask from Bunnings Warehouse (and almost all of it gone in the next few hours).

Next step was to buy an air purifier - since EVERYTHING was gone from JbHiFi, HarveyNorman and BingLee - I took the first one which was available: Beuer LR310 purifier for $399. People were crowding inside to get whatever left: from $500 to >$1000 for air cleaners. Crazy, world just went mad!

Here are another snapshots from an Uber I took (spent over $100 on Uber in a single day, since train was polluted):

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I'm writing this post on December 11, and even though smoke was miraculously moved out by a wind, everyone has a sore throat, cough and itchy eyes.

My question would be: how could it happen? Didn't NSW have enough firefighters? Budget?

Over 90 fires across a region with over half uncontrollable. Crazy.

The main problem: December is just a beginning of summer with temperature barely rising to 28 degrees. What will happen in January? February?

For Australian mid-summer temperature of 42 degrees is pretty normal. For the fire to start even 30 degrees is enough.

Let's see how it goes! Fingers it will be better...

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