We live in a very fast-paced environment trying to squeeze everything we can from our lives. Information is literally bombing us from all sides: advertisements, news, social media etc. We are shaped by a digital environment which surrounds us. And most importantly, it is getting harder and harder to stay human.

It is 7:45AM train to your workplace, you are probably tired and hoping that $5 cup of coffee in your hand will save you a day. Nothing special around in the carriage, so you are taking your phone by a habit and starting to browse Instagram. Look at that! Your friend Josh just got a new Lamborghini and happily posing in front of the camera. Like. Like, even though you are jealous that someone else's life is better than yours. Another swipe up. Your colleague shows up a new yacht. Ah, what a brag. Like. You want to stand out too. Smiling wide and swapping to a front-facing camera you are making a shot with a caption: "Having a beautiful trip to work! What a day!". Even though in reality you would do anything just stay at home and move nowhere for a couple of days. Uploading a picture... and... somebody up-voted your post! Hooray! Your life is not that miserable anymore! You are starting to smile, because now your emotional ego is juiced up by showcasing fake happiness. And somebody just positively reacted to it. Does this short episode sound familiar? For me - it does.

It seems like our living is somehow influenced by media. And everyone tries to showcase the best from their life, as well as trying to prove that their life is better than other's by using social media tools. Nobody wants to share real things, or just simply talk to each other. In the above described train situation there is a 100% chance that you would never have a chat with a stranger instead of checking Instagram. It just the way we are now. We are building our virtual worlds trying to make them as fancy as possible, surrounded by followers we don't even know and get cold likes to boost our ego.

So, what can we do about that? Just put a phone in the pocket and look around. Have you counted how many seats on a carriage? How many carriages in a train? Most likely no, because all your attention was stuck to virtual environment. It is not too late to change, and put your digital social life offline. It is time to become online with real world!