Possible exact location of Sentinelese people on the North Sentinel Island

Possible exact location of Sentinelese people on the North Sentinel Island

Sentinelese tribes have been a mystery for decades, many researchers attempted to contact them, however each and every attempt has mostly failed. The most significant unsuccessful attempt in a recent years was a voyage of John Allen Chau who tried to convert the tribe to Christianity, as a result being killed and his remains never recovered.

Even though the Sentinelese have been associated with cruelty and inhospitality, the truth is - they desire a privacy and openly reject any contact with an outside world making it very hard for researchers to track their life/whereabouts for scientific purposes.

When I was looking at the islands between the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, my attention was drawn to a cloud-like wall on the North Sentinel Island. Here is a snapshot which you can look by yourself on the Google Maps link (or using GPS at: 11°33'38.9"N 92°12'57.9"E)

Wall of smoke coming from the North-West side of the island

Zooming out it is more clear that the formation is not of a cloud origin, with a thick base and thinner top part indicating a bonfire origin. None of the similar formations have been observed nearby on the island:

Zoomed out frame showing possible bonfire smoke

This bonfire smoke may indicate an evidence that Sentinelese tribe resides close to the North-West part of the island on the Bay of Bengal side.

Thanks to Google Maps and other satellite imaging services it is possible to track even the most mysterious and least documented communities on our planet.