I've been a Software Engineer Consultant for almost two years now, and a lot of things happened during this time.

My experience literally boomed, as well as new career horizons emerged: multiple projects, various technical stacks and lots of talented people who taught me how to do things properly.

Sometimes I blame myself. For pushing so much from very early age. When at 16 I was already preparing for IELTS, at 18 arriving to Australia, 22 finishing university and 24 having 2 years as a Software Engineer. I've never been in my comfort zone, and every time something comforting appears - I feel a call for change. Always higher, better, stronger. More. Bigger.

But this rush helps a lot, probably I would never achieve what I have now without so much work from the beginning... And yes, it is worth it.

Right now it is a very interesting time, since a lot of things are unknown or changing very rapidly. It is a perfect time to try out new things and experiences from career and life perspective.

Before I joined my awesome/amazing/smashing OCTO team, I was dreaming about becoming an AWS or Google team member. Energy drinks, coding all day long and almost never leave an office since all facilities are inside. But... when I really experienced corporate companies - I was scared at some point. My entire vision was wrong. Culture, relationship between people... Everything.

At that time I realised that the best for me would be to be a part/creator of a start-up team with maximum of 10 people. When we share our views and culture, inspire each other with new technology and working on something meaningful.

And looks like this time is coming now! Another change, and some interesting unknowns are awaiting. I'll definitely write more when things get more clear, but it will be interesting. Probably I would capture a vlog instead? Let's see :)