Just came back from Manly, and was lucky enough to spot a giant blue swimmer crab!

One of my most favourite things is to take my diving mask, fins and Sony Action Cam AS30V to research underwater world. I've seen a lot of fish types, turtles, corals and unbelievable clams. From Cairns, Green Island, Whitehaven Beach and to Cronulla, Manly and Boat Harbour. There are no preferences, since every single creature fascinates with some nautical magic.

But today it was my first sightseeing of a GIANT blue swimmer crab. Everything started from a routine swim-about near the beach. Casual reef, rich with clams sand and a couple of puff-fishes. And suddenly, something catches my eye: 30 centimetres wide dark line on a top of a tiny sand dune. Even though I love snorkelling, going deeper than 4 meters is quite complicated for me, so I decided to simply move my fins to remove a sand from the surface of an unknown object... which appeared to be a huge giant swimmer crab. But it was not over! When I looked closer, it was another one just nearby, which meant I almost disturbed their process of reproduction... Well, at least I took a picture and let them continue the natural cycle.

Here is the only picture I got (which is a little bit blurry, but trust me - it is a crab):