Every month I try to have a getaway in a bush: either Blue Mountains, Manly, Cronulla, or somewhere else. And this time I decided to make another escape to Royal National Park.

A quick ride to Waterfall station via T4 line and you are mostly welcomed by a pure wilderness. And this time I brought my dirt-bike which has been collecting a dust in garage for the last year or so.

When I stepped in the entrance to the bush, a very narrowed pathway led to the forest. Couple of people turned back saying that the way was completely flooded and can't be reached, so "have fun mate". Oh, and I definitely had a fun. Here is a picture from bike where I had to ride over a long flooded pathway which was maximum 2 meters in width:

Looks like a great road to me!

After almost an hour of off-road cycling + jumping from one rock to another, I was able to reach the real Waterfall!

I took it clean to the forest!

And as a truly romantic person deep inside, I decided to devote my 2-3PM time having a lunch on the edge of a giant waterfall, having the best possible view of magnificent National Park:

Chicken+Mushroom pastry - 🤤

If you have a time - I would definitely recommend the spot - been there many times, plus it is not that far away from Helensburgh and Figure 8 Pool! Coordinates of nearest camp:


You can also google it: