This Saturday (as you may see from my public calendar) I visited StartCon in Sydney, which I had a chance to go one year ago in Royal Randwick. This time the venue was the same, however number of people increased, as well as a number of pitches and freshly-made companies.

StartCon is a great place for inspiration, since chatting with so many founders in one spot is just truly incredible. My favourite was NoFo coffee which used nitrogen to imitate milk flavour, and oh my! The taste was incredible. NoFo allows companies to install a special tap on your existing cold water dispenser to bring the magic of nitrogen iced coffee (I took 3 cups and it was AMAZING).

We captured couple of casual videos, had a conversation with CEOs of different companies as well as witnessed multiple pitches. I favoured that many talks emphasised on importance of trading with Asian countries, since there are more opportunities and power available.

Everything ended up at 7:00PM afterparty at The New Hampton Hotel near Kings Cross station at Sydney. I spoke to a father of Matt Barrie (founder and CEO of Freelancer & Escrow) plus many other interesting people from different areas of tech and business.

Overall it was a good experience, but hopefully next time I will be on a stage with my own creation! :)

My banana rating is 🍌🍌🍌(🍌/2) out of 5.