Well, it has been a while I wanted to share my opinion on various technology-related topics as well as invite my friends and colleagues to have an unedited freestyle conversations! As a proof of concept, the first ever TechTalk is has been captured as a casual chat about Progressive Web Apps with my friend William and Kevin (who eventually captured the video).

Honestly, I didn't plan to shoot a video longer than 10 minutes, but as a first experience - I'll gather some feedback and refine my next episodes. This current attempt is more like a free conversation rather than some technical guide/tutorial. No, I'm just trying to understand the awareness about topic and see if people are aware of a particular concept.

My aim is to plan two streams of shows:

  • TechTalk (not-super-technical, bubbly chat about some topic)
  • TechOverview (follow-up of TechTalk, with technology overview and samples)

In addition to above-listed topics, I would attach GIT samples for project walk-through.

Progress entirely depends on a free time, and most of the content is done on weekends or just straight after work :)

Please, don't hesitate to comment and provide a feedback - it will polish my content and will make it more interesting for viewers!

Stay tuned!