The day COMEX Rolex Submariner slipped from my wrist

This was probably the worst missed horological addition in the whole history of collecting the watches. Ever.

It started on eBay, quite peculiar vintage submariner appeared in my suggestions with $0.01 starting bid. Watch was in a pretty worn condition: bezel looked scratched, glass was almost matte from micro dings and the bracelet was missing. Technically nothing to look at, but since it is vintage Rolex Submariner - alright, let it be the max $5,000 bid for unserviced "as is" item. That's what I've put as a max bid and closed the app.

After a couple of days I received notification that I've been outbid, which highly surprised me, considering the insignificance of the lot. Well, I went back to eBay to have a closer look, and wait a second - there was a small logo under the crown which stated COMEX. Something significant? And I googled. It appeared COMEX is a company specialising in diving equipment which ordered Rolex to produce some small number of pieces for their divers back in the old days. Nice!

So now we have a history, vintage piece - no worries, let's make it $8,000 but that's it.

...and after a week a beaten "as is" vintage Rolex with a tiny COMEX logo under crown has been sold for over $50,000.

Why is it the worst missed addition? Because the starting price of COMEX Submariner is around $100,000. Ah!