Thinking about PolkaDOT 😍

Crypto here, crypto there... Everyone shouts about Bitcoin retirement and $11M CryptoPunk sale on Ethereum network but primarily forget about innovation and blockchain 3.0. If you pay for a $2 coffee with Bitcoin your transaction fee would be $400-500 (variable of course) and take so much time to process that your coffee will eventually get cold. Ethereum is better, but they are also chocking on gas fees as well as limitations of contracts/unfriendliness of Solidity language. Everyone thinks of crypto as of a gambling machine, that's what makes me very sad. People randomly put money on anything with a hope it will pump 10000x and complain around when they lose all of their investments <your fault!>. If you really want to succeed, know what are the main limitations of old blockchain solutions and watch out for the new projects with brave-new exciting improvements... such as Polkadot.

I'm not a crypto expert by no means. I understand how some of the pieces work but definitely didn't go through the yellow papers of Ethereum or Bitcoin. However when facing so many issues with existing platforms seeing Polkadot became a descent of the saviour.

What I love about the project:

1. Connecting blockchain together. Think about it, every existing blockchain is like an island, and Polkadot connects them together. Interoperability opportunity is just crazy.

2. Parachains to solve gas fee prices and have a tailored solutions for particular use-case. You can create your own logic using pallets like LEGO bricks.

3. !ink contracts which can be written on Rust. No more Solidity - write predictable contracts with a reliable code (depends what you write of course...).

4. Staking - stake your coins to get rewards. With 10% inflation per year (yes, that's huge. Did I tell you that Polkadot has no cap limit?) and 13% of yearly incentive you are guaranteed to have around 3-4% per year in value gain.

And no, I will not cover the token price here because it is not about random speculation. It is about the technology and solution behind, and if it plays off well - the price will skyrocket regardless.