We've been all programmed. From the day two.

When I joined my school for the first time, our primary teacher used to say: "You need to study hard to be able to find a good job, to earn money and support your family". That's what I was hearing until graduation from that school. The same repeated in university. We were also studying "Innovation and Management for IT professionals", and as a result - I'm in my mid 20s still figuring out how do taxes work. There is a problem. There is a big problem.

We were taught to be workers. We were taught to perform our "initiated" role, which for some people is even outside of their preferable context. We were taught to live our life from pay-check to pay-check.

This perfect "caged chicken" world functions for many people differently. Some - are ready to sacrifice space and purpose for a small but regular seed-feed, while another are tearing apart that cage to escape.

Imagine, imagine this scenario. Okay, you are a full-time employee. You have enough money to feed yourself, afford living and even save some fracture of your pay for some "bright" plans. And now imagine this: your last pay-check was your FINAL pay-check. Yes, nobody will pay you anymore. And the question is: for how long you will survive? How many assets do you have to support yourself? Do you have any other cashflow apart from your pay-check? Or is it a clear cut of your caged seed-feed?

We need to risk, drop, try, fail, learn, fail try and risk. Otherwise there is no flavour in following a program we've been taught all the time. Look, here is an average life in one chain sentence: school=>university=>job=>marriage=>family=>mortgages/payments=>dev/null

Sure, there is awakening in a mid 40s which makes people understand where did all of the years passed, and they start to rush doing crazy things to follow YOLO lifestyle, but why to wait all this time?

We need to risk, drop, try, fail, learn, fail try and risk.