After couple of years spent in Australia I finally decided it was a time to visit my family and just a little bit refresh myself. Frankly speaking it happened that I truly burned myself while constantly working on so many projects, that disconnection was a must to do thing :)

Catching the first flight from Sydney to Qatar I was very impressed by Qatar Airlines. Great service, patient and gentle crew made my trip over the ocean extremely pleasant (apart from a terrible turbulence near India which lasted for couple of hours :P).

View of Qatar

And after ~13 hours on plane Qatar finally greeted with a SUPER humid and hot weather (it's been 30 degrees Celsius at night). Airport was nice, but knowing that I do have to stay there for 8 hours made me feel tired beforehand. I was impressed by numerous shops, clean environment and countless passages with seats. What I've been very upset about Qatar Airport was a food. Extremely poor selection of cafeterias and enormously high prices made me upset: I paid ~A$50 for a rubber-like chicken slice of pizza, gross and distasteful "ramen" + coffee (best thing from the list).

Infamous pizza

Not so long after the dinner I found a great "family room" with bed-like seats which helped to relax and sleep for remained hours. But I didn't :D

And finally, the flight to Kiev in the morning! Hooray! So excited! Well, seeing Ukrainian people on board and hearing familiar language made me feel quite uncomfortable and even anxious, since I started to get lost in Russian and my Ukrainian has been lost long time ago... anyway, we took off and headed straight to the Eastern Europe! Flying over deserts of Middle Easts, mountains of Georgia and finally I see a familiar shade of blue - The Black Sea. An hour after I was already enjoying fields and farms from my latitude, and then - touch down!

Kiev Train Station

My family greeted me well, and the first thing I've done - was a good sleep in a hotel of Kiev. 7 hours difference was very painful to handle (usually it takes me up to a month to regulate my sleep cycle), but this time it has been even worse!

...end of part 1.