Those who know me well enough understand that I can't live without doing some side projects 😊 It is my drug and addiction.

You've probably seen couple of stories from me mentioning couple of attempts such as LunchPal and Kalie. To remind, LunchPal was my first experience building a full-scale progressive web application with maps dedicated to find people in my area who are interested in having a lunch with someone (lunch finder) => While Kalie is a mind-blowing project which involved AI, custom-built IoT and Android development + 3D rendering + OpenCV projection =>

LunchPal was an amazing experience working with PWA and extensive NodeJS server architecture with security and scalability. It was the first time I implemented CI/CD on personal project!

Kalie is a great example of what could be possible done by two people working during out of work time and driven by dedication (me and Ilya).

Both projects gave a lot of expertise and ideas. Understanding. Vision. To build something new and fresh.

We were sitting on a kitchen with Ilya, while I was recalling a LunchPal project I was working days and knights in a past, when Ilya proposed something very interesting: "What if we build a reactive event application which will show what is around, have ability to create events and chat with people?". This idea was strikingly great for both of us. And we started immediately.

Nicknaming firstly a project "MapChat", we chose Android OS as a first platform which will see our product due to great usage and exposure to wide audience.

Couple of months later, we are finalising an MVP which will be soon published to Google Play with access for BETA testing to those who are interested.

We now call it VERTEP.

Stay tuned.