We spent a lot of time with Ilya trying to make it happen. It started as a funny personal project to brush some skills in Android and Google Cloud Platform, while now it boomed into a pretty monstrous project with a start-up grade scale. But before that...

We conducted a very closed user testing. Some avid users who were aware of what we've been doing received this email:

After a really deep contribution from some of the testers, we understood what needs to be done for a showcase MVP. And we are ready to ship it in the next month for public exclusively at Google Play.

For iOS users there will be a web app which would show local events, however main functionality will be on Android side. But, don't worry, if things go well - iOS version will not be far from reality 😊

Right now it is already published in Google Play, however only for ALPHA testing for a closed number of people who asked us for a showcase, feedback and early contribution. If you are interested to participate - don't hesitate to drop me an email an you'll become a part of a testing team 🎉