Technology and programming is my addiction. Like for real. End of day, weekends, holidays - I'm trying to spend at least 2 hours a day developing/researching something.

Currently I'm working on a very exciting (side) project with my colleague which should be released soon, and it involves a pretty cool tech stack.

At work, my daily activity on current project is related to Data engineering. And for a big data we are using Spark. Main idea is to get business requirements related to data "style/format" and write logic, aka Spark Job, which will implement business rules and perform data transformation. Then all Spark Jobs are executed on AWS EMR, while interacting with various AWS services such as RDS, S3, DynamoDB, Athena etc.

As I mentioned before, the side project we are working with my colleague is very exciting, but also is also required to be high-performant and scalable. We decided to build our entire API as a containerised scalable system on GCP with Kubernetes. We also built CI/CD pipeline with CircleCI + GCP Docker container registry for faster deployment.

Oh yes! We decided to ship our project on early stage as an Android Application. Everyone knows I have a critical passion towards Android (even though I'm an iPhone user) and development for this platform. I started developing for Android casually back in a high-school using MIT App inventor 😙

Node is one of my most favourite solutions for back-end, so when a question regarding server technology was on - what else could I pick!? Unbelievable number of libraries, clear syntax and ES6 support.

There was a time I loved Angular (my first front-end framework). TypeScript wasn't that bad, however in the end things got more complex and changed. So now my main preference towards front-end technology is VueJS. Can't emphasise more how I love this framework as well as Progressive Web Apps concept. Easy to use, clear and tons of libraries available. I chose VueJS to be a solution for our side project as an alternative for iOS application.

Kotlin is the best thing that ever happened to Android. Period. Would like to use use it outside of Android ecosystem in future. Kotlin is clean, functional and simply awesome programming language. It provides some amazing features such as coroutines, viewmodels and syntactic view reference. ❤️

Spark was my first introduction to Scala. To be honest, I was using Scala even prior to Kotlin. If I have to summarise this JVM language with an tool, it will be a Swiss Knife. You can do absolutely mad things in Scala: Options, implicits, overriding standard functions such as [+] and [-] and so on. The best thing about Scala is that everything is treated as a function. Immutability is a key (not like in Rust of course, but still). I would speculate that Kotlin took a lot from this language, but only the most important.

These are some of the highlights of my current tech activity, I definitely do a lot of other things not mentioned here, however let's start from this list 🙂