Throughout the years I've used all kinds of technologies, brands and gadgets. But in this post I will briefly mention my daily drivers which I use for work, leisure and entertainment.

1. MacBook Pro 15 2018

Harder - better.

I've been using MacBooks for almost a decade, starting from the age of 16 (when old-school iBook G3 appeared in my hands). Particular things I love about MacBook are: OSX reliability, great build quality and insanely good display. And it is Unix <3

My working 15-inch machine has been sponsored by OCTO, with monstrous max specs including 16Gb 2133 Mhz LPDDR3 of RAM, 2.8 Ghz Intel Core i7 and Radeon Pro 555 2048 MB + Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB 🔥🔥🔥

I use this laptop primarily for coding, and sometimes for video editing.

2. MacBook Pro 13 2015

I purchased this Mac in 2016 while studying in university. Prior to this laptop I was using a MacBook Unibody 2008 for almost 6 years, so it was a time for a major upgrade.

MacBook Pro 13 is my daily home driver: posting of articles, lightweight development and media processing. I love the battery life, screen and butterfly keyboard... And of course I enjoy having a normal USB, magnetic charger and card reader. I still can't imagine a reason Apple didn't ship newest Macs with magnetic USB Type-C adapters 🤔

3. iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb

Well, well, well... Yes, I love iPhones. But I always regret for switching to them from Android. And vise-versa.

My previous phone was Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with VR Headset, and oh God, I love Galazy Note series. I love ultra-large screen, richness of Android and a really good camera. But my Note 5 was ridiculously badly-engineered batter management which caused my phone being switched off from almost 30% of charge. What a shame!

In iPhone I love everything. Battery, design, camera, screen, compatibility with OSX, AirDrop... But not a storage. Apple is forcing you to subscribe for iCloud and it bugs me a lot. I would not consider selling iPhones with memory less than 128Gb, or at least better content compression. I actually want to go back to Note 8-9 or try out Pixel.

4. Beats Studio 3 Wireless

My previous headphones were Beats By Dr. Dre Pro (Yes! Yes! The famous studio-pro headphones used by Lil Wayne and Jay-Z in almost every 2009 clip). That aluminium heavy hardcore beast gave me immersive bass I always strived for. But way too heavy. In 2018 I upgraded.

I purchased Red Beats Studio 3 Wireless due to a huge discount in Harvey Norman in October, therefore paying almost 40% less. Beats Studio 3 is a pair of really gorgeous headphones. Amazing sound quality, lighweight (comparing to Pro) and fully compatible with all my Apple products. Attention to details is also great: setup includes branded charging and AUX cable + sturdy hard case. Sweet!


This is a part 1 of My Tech 1.0. Stay tuned for the next episode with voice assistants, game consoles, electric scooters and more!