Yes, season 4 of Rick and Morty is out 🔥

But as many of you, I got very confused by episode 3, where we discover a talking cat Jerry found in the house.

Suddenly cat proposes to live a life to the fullest and buy two first-class tickets to California and enjoy the life with Jerry.

While Rick, Morty and Sumer are ruling out the issue of the sl#t dragon being bonded with Rick (in a different universe of course), talking cat is having a fun with Jerry: beach volleyball, new friends, etc. But things don't last long!

It is getting clear that cat is special in some way: it has something ultra-adultish, seen-it-all kind of thing with a deep secret. And it is not a good friend eventually.

Firstly, it blames Jerry for the sh#t it made while playing beach volleyball.

Then, accepting an invite to a private yacht party (where Jerry was rejected because of the beach accident) - walks around and tries to have a small talk while people take drugs. Cat was so straight and somehow out-of-place in a context that was thrown out of the boat.

Swimming back to the shore it unites with Jerry who is still angry, of course.

But here is where things get really WTF:

When Rick finally finishes his adventures with sl#t dragons, he picks up Jerry with a cat and lands somewhere in a deserted area.

Straight after the landing with a chill face Rick holo-cages a cat and assembles a mind-reading device from a boot of his space car to understand what the hell is going going on with a cat.

Once a cat becomes aware of the situation it instantly gets anxious that somebody may know what's inside its mind. Cat starts to quickly say it is from the outer space, but it doesn't stop Rick to use a device and read a cat's mind.

And you know what?

We start to hear screams, destruction noises and Rick being completely shocked and freaked out. An interstellar genius/rebel who killed unlimited life instances in infinite universes is getting shocked by something in the cat's mind. WHAT.

Jerry couldn't stand out still and pushed Rick to see what was device showing. Straight after a first glimpse, Jerry starts to vomit while Rick pulls out a gun to suicide for a split of a second.

Rick, shocked by insights of cat's mind - tells it to go out immediately. Cat, with a sad look somebody revealed his secrets, walks away in a desert.

Jerry in a freaked out state doesn't want to forget what he saw, but Rick simply wipes his memory.

Which means Rick is the only one who knows what's happened.

One of my hypothesis is that a cat was a form of an alien instance which completely destroyed its planet/galaxy/universe and started to live a life of an outcast going from one planet to another with a sense of a grief and constant deep regrets.

Otherwise how can you explain the terror Rick and Jerry saw? Weird scary-calm and unhappy behaviour  of a cat? Mentioning that it origins from an outer space?

But whatever was that, I would like to see a cat featuring in future episodes to see its real story. Maybe even fighting with squanchy.

Nick Shulhin

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