Quit social media. And news. And everything else.

Even before this pandemic it was clear we are getting more and more used as a product, tool or call it an "entity used to achieve particular purpose", definitely not consumers. When you sign up on social media platform, you are thinking that all services are provided for free, however yourself represent a sale target.

I haven't used Facebook in a very long time, and just can't express how grateful I am for not having it. For not viewing my "feed", to be forced to see fake posts of my "friends" diluted with personalised ads spied on me every search or move. Instagram was an interesting experience, however also removed after being fed with unnecessary news and ads. WhatsApp started to collect a dust after Facebook (or should we say Meta) acquisition. And for a good reason. I even removed stock News apps from my Apple devices, life started to feel much less cluttered.

We can go much deeper. I mentioned Apple, which definitely collects more private data than any other company. Does it mean a full reset? From Mac to Dell with a Linux? From iPhone to Pinephone? Good question, I don't know.

Life was much simpler before we've been all so tightly connected. We haven't had issues we have now...

...sometimes it is a good idea to disconnect and leave the network, because the network is usually exploiting us as a product more than we use it as a tool.