Google Glass was my dream back in 2014. The way I wanted to integrate facial recognition, visual translation and maps in a tiny glass screen was making me crazy about wearable tech.

Google Glass patent diagram

...And after almost 4 years I purchased two(yes, 2) pairs from eBay πŸŽ‰

My excitement from unboxing something which has been discontinued and banned due to the privacy issues gave a feeling of getting access to some alien tech.

In a set I got Google Glass itself, changeable glass panels (look so cool!), single and double headphone sets with super-short mini-USB I/O, customisable colour panels for headphones and documentation.

Google Glass set

Materials, engineering and quality of build is unbelievably good. Device can be stored in a bag made from the same material as official case for Pixel phone. Everything feels premium - from texture to all moving parts.

Glass itself has two cameras (one to track your eye, another to make front pictures), bone-conducting speaker (which emits sound directly into your skull - feels weird) and a battery packed in the back of main panel.

Single headphone

The most important part is a crystal which reflects an image from a tiny projector. It makes a feeling of a 22-inch screen located Β on the top-right side of your eye. Resolution is 50/50, neither blurry nor sharp. Pixels are quite visible.

Swappable lenses

On a face Glass gives you a look of terminator or somebody from the future: shades are really cool, while it is impossible to ignore that plastic compartment with camera embedded inside.

The future is now!

I tried to walk on George Street wearing Glass, and it was an immediate eye-catcher. Everyone was looking at me with curiosity and eager to ask whether I was recording anyone or making some movie.

But it has got TONS of issues...

-Battery in my sample lasted no more than 2 hours, depending on the load. With virtual maps it could be 1 hour only including tethering connection.

-Panel always overheats, and Glass reminds you to wait until it cools down for "smoother processing". I had to switch it off for 15 minutes before starting again.

-Main application has not been updated in YEARS, which means there are many bugs not solved and interface not suitable for modern iPhones.

-It is SUPER SLOW. I had to wait 10 minutes until it finds location or connects to the phone (sometimes randomly disconnecting from tethering device).

Nevertheless, Google Glass is an amazing experience, and sadly it is no more a consumer product.

Glass now is a part of project which supplies devices only to specific companies where it solves particular issues (army, engineering and MD).

What about me? I will try to write couple of Android applications and play around 😁

The future is exciting!